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Relieve Muscle Tightness and Increase Flexibility With a Massage in Mornington

Whether you have been injured or just want to feel better, Remedial Massage is a great option. The therapists at myotherapy clinics in Mornington, Moorooduc, Mt Eliza and Bentons Square use different techniques to relieve muscle tightness, increase flexibility, reduce pain and help you achieve optimal performance in your chosen activity.

Treat yourself and loved ones to some indulgent relaxation with a couple’s massage massage mornington at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE. This shared experience is ideal for romantic partners, mothers and daughters or simply friends wishing to spend some quality time together.

The expert team at this boutique Mornington massage studio is trained in a wide range of techniques that ease muscle tension, increase flexibility and restore the body’s sense of inner calm. Book instantly online to enjoy this premium pampering at a time that suits you.

There’s no better way to unwind than with a luxurious soak in one of Victoria’s best mineral and hot spring retreats. These stunning getaways are the perfect day trip or weekend escape, and just a short drive from Melbourne.

Massage is a form of touch therapy that relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has been shown to increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system. It is also known to reduce the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and increases serotonin, which positively affects mood. Having a regular massage can help prevent injuries and improve performance.

It is important to tell the therapist what kind of pressure you prefer and if there are any areas that feel sensitive or painful. They will be able to adjust the treatment accordingly, making your experience as pleasant as possible.

Most people are familiar with Swedish massage, but there are many other types of massage available, varying in intensity and technique. Some include deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal and sports. Before you book your session, speak to the therapist about what type of massage would be most beneficial for you.

During a massage, the body releases a number of feel good hormones called endorphins, which boost energy and promote relaxation. This natural high can lead to feeling drowsy after your session, so it is important to schedule time for sleep afterwards if you plan on receiving a massage regularly. Having a snack or light meal after the session is also recommended to give your body the fuel it needs.

It’s also common to feel some soreness after a massage, especially if it is your first one or if the area you’re having massaged isn’t used to being touched. The soreness is caused by the body working to re-adjust its muscles after the manipulation. However, it is not a sign of injury and should subside within a day or so.