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Is It Really Worth the Expense to Hire a Mold Inspection Company?

Mold inspection companies help home and business owners with the detection of potential problems. They provide valuable data to clients, allowing them to take corrective measures quickly and efficiently. It also helps them avoid costly mistakes in a timely manner, allowing for the remediation of any damage caused by mold before it can spread to other areas of their building or property.

Mold growth is usually an indicator of water damage, but even a small amount of mold can be a big problem in homes and businesses. If not addressed quickly, mold can cause serious structural damage to a property and lead to health problems for residents or tenants. Detecting the presence of mold is often difficult to do without a professional. While there are at-home mold tests available, they are not as thorough or conclusive as a professional mold test conducted by a certified inspector.

In order to detect the presence of mold, an inspector needs to have a complete understanding of how different types of mold grow. A mold inspector will be able to identify the type of mold in question, and if it is dangerous, will be able to recommend treatment options.

A professional mold inspection is not the same as a home inspection or an HVAC inspection. A mold inspection company provides an in-depth, comprehensive survey of a property that can include removing drywall and paneling in hard-to-reach places, such as behind walls or under floors. In addition, they will use special tools and equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras, to scan the area. Unlike at-home tests, which can be misleading or inaccurate, mold inspections are conducted under carefully controlled conditions.

While there are many instances when a mold inspection is essential, some people may be wondering if it’s really worth the expense. Many articles online downplay the value of mold testing, claiming that visible mold is not necessarily dangerous and can be treated with simple cleaning solutions. However, these articles fail to note that the most dangerous kinds of mold are the ones that are hidden from view. The best way to find these is by hiring a mold inspection and testing company, as they can provide a sample of the surface in question, swab it, or tape it, and send it away for lab analysis.