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How to Find the Best Option Alert Service

If you are new to trading options, you may want to consider using an option alert service to help you follow trades of successful traders. Although options are a great way to control risk, you should understand that this type of investment involves a high degree of risk. As with all investments, you should actively manage your risk and avoid putting too much of your portfolio into a single trade. A good option alert service can help you find the best option to trade in and help you avoid overextended trades.

Benzinga Stocks To Watch

There are two ways to subscribe to a Benzinga stock alert service. A basic service will give you the basic news from Benzinga and an Advanced service will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll get all of the basics, including breaking news and real-time streaming news. The Basic service includes news from Benzinga’s exclusive sources and alerts when news breaks.

Benzinga’s news service is incredibly useful for traders. It provides the best option alert service an up-to-the-minute news feed with alerts on unusual activity in the options market. It even includes a mini-chart, allowing you to see the impact of news. For example, Cronos Group recently received a strategic investment from Altria, which sent the stock price up 21% the next two trading days.

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader is a stock alert service that uses a statistical approach to stock picking. It uses 20 years of market performance data to create recommendations for wise stocks and sends out trade alerts. It’s transparent and relies on extensive backtesting to make its recommendations.

The service’s alerts are sent via email or text message and include the exact price, ticker, profit target, and stop loss. The company also offers education and email assistance for their subscribers. The monthly subscription plan costs $47 per month and includes access to educational materials.


Optionsonar offers a comprehensive stock and option analysis service, along with a powerful scanner to identify unusual activity. This service helps options traders monitor the volume of options in major ETFs across the market and the volatility of underlying assets. There are different versions of this service, with one starting at $35 monthly and the other at $75 a month.

Optionsonar’s features can be customized to suit specific trading styles. Users can select specific stocks, major ETFs, tool amounts, moneyness, and expiration dates. They can also choose to receive alerts for specific stocks. Other tools include an options watchlist, which summarizes options trading activity on various stocks and ETFs.


If you are looking for an option alert service that offers comprehensive, actionable guidance, SteadyOptions is a great option. This service combines market knowledge with trading strategies to help you make smart, calculated choices. It offers three different trading strategies based on risk profiles and target returns. It also provides a portfolio value.

Using an option alert service can be a valuable tool for trading, but it is essential that you learn the ropes before using it. A good alert service will give you ideas on what to trade, and it will save you the time and effort involved in doing research. It is not always best to follow a service’s recommendations, but following them can help you make some money in the beginning.