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Easy Indian Recipes Instant Pot Tikka Masala

Whether you love spicy food, deep fried delicacies, or simple homecooked goodness, Indian recipes have something for everyone. From authentic curries and samosas to one-of-a-kind desserts, Indian recipes are a great way to experiment with new dishes and flavors. Here are some easy recipes to get you started:

Vegetarian Biryani

To make this dish, you first need to prepare the vegetables. Peel the onions and slice them. Add them to the pan, along with the biryani masala, cumin, kashmiri red chili powder, and salt. Fry them on low heat until golden brown. Drain the onions and use them for the biryani. Next, prepare a large bowl with the yogurt. Add half of the onions to the bowl, and mix everything together. Add the remaining half of the fried onions. Mix well and leave for 10 minutes.

The Instant Pot is an excellent option for preparing chicken tikka Awesome Cuisine masala. It makes the preparation a breeze, unlike the stovetop method. Instead of using an immersion blender or scraping the chicken off the bone, you can simply pour in the marinade and the chicken. You can also grill the chicken in the oven, which frees up the Instant Pot. You can also use this time to sauté the gravy base while the chicken cooks.

Instant Pot Mulligatawny Soup

This delicious curry soup is made using the Instant Pot, and it’s full of warming spices and bright Indian flavors. You can use chicken, more vegetables, and basmati rice to add even more flavor. This recipe is an adaptation of a traditional South Indian dish. The soup originally came from South India, and was originally a thin, pepper-based rasam. The original soup’s name derives from the Tamil words for hot pepper and water. The Indian spice mixture, vegetables, and bone broth give this soup its unique flavor profile.

Sukhe aloo palak

Sukhe aloo palak is one of the simplest recipes you can make at home. You can enjoy it with rice, Indian flatbread, or dal tadka. This recipe uses 2.5 tablespoons of oil, chopped onion, and dried red chilies. Saute the vegetables in the oil with garlic and ginger paste. Add salt and turmeric powder. Cook for 10 minutes. Serve hot.

Jeera rice

A quick and easy recipe for Jeera rice can be made at home with three ingredients and can be prepared in 15 minutes. The recipe is vegan and contains no nuts or soy and is also gluten-free. This recipe is the perfect way to introduce a healthy spice to your diet. Just combine three simple ingredients – rice, cumin seeds, and olive oil – and you have yourself a delicious and healthful side dish.

Beans aloo sabzi

Aloo sabzi is one of the easiest and most popular Indian vegetarian recipes. It is a versatile dish that pairs well with dal or a saucy Indian curry. It also goes well with basmati rice. For additional flavor, you can add amchur powder, dried mango powder, or fresh lime juice. For this dish, use your Instant Pot. If you are not using an Instant Pot, you can use a regular saucepan to cook your beans.

Lentil dal with spinach sauce

Lentil dal is a popular vegetarian dish in India. It is prepared with lentils, vegetables and spices. To prepare this dish, you should boil three cups of water and add the lentils. Cook for fifteen minutes. When the lentils are done, add a few tablespoons of heavy cream and tomato pieces and stir well. Once the lentils are soft, add a few teaspoons of turmeric and stir well. You can serve this dish with rice or rotis.

Butter chicken

If you want to make a delicious dinner at home, one of the easiest Indian recipes to make is butter chicken. This dish is made with chicken and a creamy tomato sauce. It takes under 30 minutes to make and requires only one pan. The sauce is a delicious combination of spices, and the chicken is tender and juicy. Butter chicken can be enjoyed with or without a rice dish. If you want to cut down on the calories, you can substitute the tomato sauce for evaporated milk.