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Connect To Autism

Connect To Autism provides diagnostic and intervention services to adults with autism, promoting well-being. The inclusion of the company in the Directory does not imply endorsement by the National Autistic Society. Listed below are the services offered by the company. To learn more about Connect To Autism, click the links below. You can also read about the StrandDx test.

Anne Marie Gallagher

For more than 25 years, Anne Marie Gallagher has been working with adults with autism. She has been a speech and language therapist in learning disability and mental health services, and has developed an expertise in this field. Her clinical focus has been identifying the core differences in the way autistic people think and perceive the world.

Project Connect

Project Connect To Autism is an initiative that aims to create a unified autism assessment community of practice for autism research. It takes the POR approach, combining evidence-based guidelines and participatory research practices. Its team includes researchers, autism service providers, policy-makers, and autistic adults. In addition to its scientific team, CONNECT includes four autistic adults as co-researchers.

Autism Connection of PA

The Autism Connection of Pennsylvania (ACC) is a nonprofit organization that supports families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It provides autism information, advocacy, and support groups throughout Pennsylvania. Its mission is to ensure that every child has equal access to opportunities.

StrandDx test

StrandDx is a new test that can help diagnose autisme. It can identify subtypes of the condition and its severity. It can also be used to determine a child’s prognosis and to guide teraptherapy.

Social communication problems in children as young as 4

Social communication problems in children as young as four with autism can make it difficult for them to interact with others. They may be excessively loud, have trouble regulating their voice, or not respond to the things they hear or see. They may also have unusually high pitch or monotone voices. In addition, they may not respond to their names or to the words that people around them say. They also may not be able to respond to nonverbal cues, such as gestures.

Camp Connect

At Camp Connect To Autism, children with autism are paired with peers that are not autistic. This helps them learn how to interact with other children. The children also get the chance to play video games on Nintendo Wiis and play at the camp’s playground. They can also take part in arts and crafts activities. Camp Connect also provides medical staff close at hand.